Christa Eans


Manager of Pharmacy Operations

As the Manager of Pharmacy Operations at RareMed Solutions, Dr. Eans is responsible for the oversight of the non-commercial pharmacy operations and the management of customized clinical initiatives to deliver patient-centered care and drive optimal patient outcomes.

Before joining RareMed Solutions, Dr. Eans served as a leader in various roles, including Manager of Clinical Programs at PANTHERx Rare. Dr. Eans has over a decade of experience in Specialty Pharmacy focusing on a variety of disease states including HIV, Movement Disorders, Oncology, Enzyme Replacement Therapies, and various other rare diseases.

Dr. Eans received her Doctor of Pharmacy, Masters of Pharmacy Business Administration, and Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Eans is credentialed as a Certified Specialty Pharmacist through the Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board. She has a number of published Specialty Pharmacy-focused articles, research, and peer-reviewed presentations.