Case Study

In an oncology program launch, patient needs were uncertain until more post-launch data was available. A few months after launch, at a business review meeting, it was determined that a psychosocial support program would benefit patients. RareMed and the manufacturer collaborated to launch the program shortly thereafter, and the program has a 96% adoption rate.

We Tailor your Program to Your Specifications

From basic case management to highly specialized, disease-state-specific services, select from a myriad of available services or work with us to design systems that suit your needs.

RareMed services are plug-and-play, so rest assured knowing you can add or remove services to best suit your needs at any time.

Create an online ecosystem to support your therapy with the information you need, when you need it.  Engage as few or as many stakeholders in your network as you see fit to deliver the best outcomes for you and your patients.

Every disease state journey has a unique path with unique stops on the way. Allow us to build custom statuses that best reflect the state of your patients at every point on their journey.

Build an all-star team of subject matter experts and utility players, all with robust, relevant experience and exceptional skills, built around custom job descriptions.  We’ll recommend degree and professional certification requirements as necessary to provide the best care to your patients.

Be the architect of your patients’ journeys. Build a plan for every interaction and every possible outcome; rest assured knowing you can adjust workflows dynamically, at a moment’s notice, and review customized reports for each data point.

We communicate on your terms and those of your patients and HCPs. Choose from a myriad of methods, intervals, and drivers, all based on your specific needs.

Act strategically with unparalleled data access and transparency. With real-time access, adjustable access levels, and fully customizable reporting, your data is at your fingertips at your desk and on the go.

Benefit further from a team of analysts that specialize in extracting value-driving insights from the most complex of scenarios.

Start with a foundation of integrity and build a quality and compliance program to fit your parameters, covering both operations and technology.

Though your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we’ll judge success based on your parameters. Define what program success means to you with custom KPIs.