Your Hub in Your Pocket

Disruptive Features

ACCELERATE your strategy using the only platform designed from the ground-up to manage patient support programs.

CAPITALIZE on the most robust array of network integrations and communications options in the industry.

LEAD your marketplace by building customized, paradigm-shifting features with our award-winning in-house developers.

Unparalleled Control

SEE your program with complete data transparency.

INTERACT with your platform with intuitive portals and interfaces.

EFFECT CHANGE on command with our full-stack software development team and 100%-proprietary code.

Inspiring Peace of Mind

TRUST in knowing that your data is always accurate and available when and where you need it.

GROW with a rapidly-scalable, fully cloud-based infrastructure.

PROTECT sensitive data with the confidence inspired by a SOC2-ceritified entity.

Your Network, Connected.

Sit confidently at the helm of your Patient Support Program

  • Simplify your systems with one secure, scalable platform
  • Access the data you want in real time with RarePath Insights® dashboards
  • Identify trends, boost awareness, and deepen analyses with unmatched data transparency
  • Combine data with RareMed expertise to enhance market strategies
  • Work with our expert developers to quickly deploy custom features

Give your field team the tools they need to help your patients

  • Innovative, mobile- and tablet-friendly RarePath Connect® portal
  • Securely access patient data in real time, anywhere
  • Advance patient cases with up-to-date status filtering
  • Collaborate with RareSupport team members with bidirectional messaging
  • Manage dynamic teams with a robust suite of access and territory management tools

Engage your patients in their care

  • Innovative, mobile- and tablet-friendly RarePath PatientConnect™ portal
  • Communicate with case managers via bidirectional messaging or video chat
  • Empower patients to ask questions, request refills, and more
  • Capture and manage patient consent
  • Improve program adherence and persistency


Help HCPs deliver care

  • Innovative, mobile- and tablet-friendly RarePath ProviderConnect™ portal
  • Accelerate therapy with direct hub enrollment
  • Empower providers with real-time access to patient cases
  • Catalyze prior authorization and appeals support
  • Improve program adherence and persistency



Engage your Specialty Pharmacy Network

  • Innovative, HIPAA-Secure RarePath SPConnect™ portal
  • Accelerate triage and time-to-therapy with single-system simplicity
  • Share and improve data accuracy across your network
  • Synchronize data in real-time, reducing errors
  • Integrate and enhance data reporting and analysis capabilities


Connect your network to where care is delivered

  • Innovative, HIPAA-Secure RarePath HospitalConnect™ portal
  • Improve case management with site-of-care data collection capability
  • Reduce billing errors and improve benefits management
  • Synchronize data in real-time, reducing errors
  • Integrate and enhance data reporting and analysis capabilities

Capitalize on in-house development to build custom, integrated solutions

Our internal development team is capable of bringing your vision to reality with full-stack, end-to-end experience.  Integrate key stakeholders, incorporate custom features, and connect your network–and patients–better than ever before.  With RarePath Inifinity, your potential is infinite.

  • Custom portal, dashboard, reporting, and analytics capabilities
  • API-based synchronization
  • Customized user experiences
  • SOC2, HIPAA-secure solutions
  • Broadened real-time, single-system simplicity

For insourced, outsourced, and hybrid hubs, RarePath® connects you like no other.