A Letter from Our CEO

A Rare Mission That Became Personal.

My entire career has strived to improve the care for people afflicted with devastating diseases. Since pioneering the first specialty pharmacy, that hunger has intensified. Along the way, I have grown from my successes and learnings. I have been blessed to build incredible teams and we confronted Goliaths while forging new paths, better for patients, better for employees, better for partners.

I have great news that I recently disclosed to my employees. Although at the beginning of the year I discovered I had a serious, complex rare disorder, I have persevered from every nuance thrown at me. I experienced the stark realities of our health system, from the inside. From the journey of diagnosis, to endlessly searching treatments, to obtaining second opinions in disbelief, to enduring the benefits and unintended effects of biotech treatments, to securing sophisticated patient services, to enduring hospital procedures, to managing the insurance maze (and prior auths, and denials), the bigger/broader health care picture is now in better focus. Today I am blessed to report that I am completely healthy again, have regained my full strength, and have become hopefully more compassionate than ever. I am fortunate, lucky, and blessed.

As a result, I have never been more convinced that being a provider in the rare and complex disorders space must be regarded as a privilege, an honor, a responsibility. Not only am I re-energized about RareMed raising the quality bar in complex disorder patient services, but I am humbled to launch my legacy, Vanscoy Rare Pharmacy (VRP), the emergence of a unique independent nationwide rare disease pharmacy which carries my namesake and signifies just how personal and genuine the quest is. Nearly every member of my original, highly experienced rare pharmacy team have joined me and my mission. Undoubtedly, other specialty pharmacies and hubs will say they are like us, but they aren’t. We will take a transparent, ethical, and financially responsible approach to the market but will put our patients’ interest first. Trust me when I say nobody takes our missions’ more personally, nobody.


Gordon J. Vanscoy

Chairman & CEO