A Letter to Our Partners

A letter to our partners following the AXS24 Summit:  

Yet again, RareMed is humbled to have shared an incredible experience at Asembia’s AXS 2024 Summit with our friends and colleagues. We were thrilled to see so many current partners and loved being able to reconnect with you in person. At the same time, we are energized about deepening the new relationships we forged! Opportunities like AXS24 allow us to collaborate in person with our partners to maximize the value we can deliver for our patients, together. We are thankful to work with so many supportive industry colleagues; these partnerships allow RareMed to succeed in its mission: catalyzing access to life science breakthroughs. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we extend the sincerest thank you to all of our partners. To those who have been with RareMed for many years and have grown together with us, and to those who have only just begun their journey with us, we are proud to work together to deliver vital, life-changing support to patients every day. We were pleased to have connected with many of you at Asembia’s AXS24 Specialty Summit in Las Vegas this past week.  

RareMed’s sights are balanced on both the here-and-now and the horizon, as we remain excited for a future of continued, controlled growth with our existing partners and new relationships. Together, we advance our shared missions of mutual success on behalf of our patients. 


Your RareMed team