RareMed Celebrates Rare Disease Day 2021

Originally posted February 26th, 2021

RareMed is proud to celebrate Rare Disease Day 2021.

There are nearly 7,000 known rare diseases.  Most of these conditions have no known cure.  Astonishingly, nearly 1 in 10 US citizens suffer from a rare disease.  Rare diseases present grave challenges to those afflicted by them.  Some of these include complicated diagnoses, limited awareness, sparse educational resources, and complicated accessibility pathways.  The Rare Disease Day campaign raises awareness and promotes action in the fight against rare disease.

In support of this mission, RareMed accelerates access to therapies for rare diseases through dedicated patient support programs.  As such, the RareMed family humbly celebrates Rare Disease Day each year in honor of the millions afflicted by these devastating conditions.  Inaugurated in 2008, Rare Disease Day raises awareness amongst policy makers, industry leaders, academia, healthcare professionals, and the general public about the impact of rare diseases on patients’ lives.  To learn more, visit RareDiseaseDay.org.  In doing so, you can join RareMed and support efforts to improve patients’ lives.

“The Rare Disease Day campaign is a beacon of hope for the millions suffering from rare diseases.  At RareMed, our mission is to transform the lives of patients afflicted with rare and devastating conditions by accelerating access to biomedical breakthroughs.  Rare Disease Day helps bring awareness to these conditions to spur development of these breakthroughs for the thousands of rare diseases with no known cure.” – Gannon Vanscoy, Director, Specialty Markets

RareMed will be joining hundreds of patient organizations around the world in hosting an officially recognized Rare Disease Day event. Though Rare Disease Day is officially recognized on February 28th, RareMed will host a virtual team celebration of Rare Disease Day on Friday, February 26th. Team members will share why they feel that it is so crucial to support this underserved population.  A link to our event can be found here.