RareMed Highlight: Non-Commercial Pharmacy

Did you know that many life sciences companies partner with RareMed to provide financial assistance to patients in need*? Our Non-Commercial Pharmacy (NCP) manages a variety of patient assistance programs on behalf of manufacturers that provide a lifeline for patients that may not qualify for other ways to offset the cost of medications. Our NCP team provides patients with financial assistance, clinical services, expertise, and genuine care. Every medication we dispense represents an improved life. 

Our NCP is working harder than ever to help these most vulnerable patients. RareMed is proud to share that our NCP set new single-day and annual prescriptions dispense count records in 2022, exceeding both records by over 20%! These milestones would not have been achievable without the team’s commitment to “Mutual Growth” (one of RareMed’s values) and their provision of the highest quality care to patients living with complex and rare diseases.  

RareMed’s NCP is licensed in all 50 states and assists partners with providing pharmacy services that enhance access to patients in trying circumstances. Our patient assistance, bridge, voucher, quick-start, dose exchange, dose replacement, and emergency dispense programs all are designed to accelerate access to therapy in challenging scenarios. 

The RareMed Pharmacy team offers a competitive, well-rounded Fellowship program through which fellows gain exposure and experience working with a variety of departments and industry leaders. To learn more about the Rare Fellowship Program, visit www.raremed.com/fellowship, or apply on our careers page.  

* Patient assistance program participants must meet a variety of criteria for participation.  Not all applicants will qualify for assistance.