RareMed Solutions Launches Volunteer Time Off Program

At RareMed, we are proud of our award-winning culture and our team is continuously looking for ways to build upon it. In this spirit, the company has launched a new Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program that allows employees to participate in volunteer activities using paid time off. The VTO program will encourage employees to use this benefit to contribute their time and talents to recognized charities, causes, or not-for-profit organizations to make a positive difference in their communities. 

RareMed values ambition and supports its employees and their communities. Through the VTO program, the company hopes to foster community engagement opportunities for team members that are meaningful, purposeful, and will help those in need. The company also recognizes the benefits that participating in these activities will have on the lives of employees and hopes to inspire them to give back to those less fortunate. At RareMed, we interpret “community” to represent both our local Pittsburgh community as well as the global community we all inhabit.  

RareMed empowers team members to volunteer for causes uniquely important to each of them, including any non-profit listed in the Federal database. Further, if a desired organization or activity is not listed, RareMed employees may fill out a request and seek approval to add special causes to our approved list.  

In honor of launching this program, RareMed will also be matching any RareCoin donations made on behalf of employees to charitable organizations.