RareMed Completes Transition from Summit Specialty Solutions

RareMed Solutions announced today that the specialty pharmacy hub company has completed its transition from a 2015 subsidiary of PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy to an independent white glove service company with a 100% focus on rare diseases, orphan drugs and precision medicines and has been branded as RareMed Solutions. This uniquely focused company was born out of contemporary market demand for a pharmacy hub that delivers on promises, and is not distracted by larger populations of the non-rare disease market, yet powerful enough to make a measurable difference in catalyzing patient access to life transforming therapies.

“The new name – RareMed Solutions – portrays our business objective of transforming the lives of patients afflicted with rare and devastating conditions by accelerating access to biomedical breakthroughs.” said Dr. Gordon Vanscoy, Chairman and CEO of RareMed Solutions. Douglas Gebhard, Pharm.D., a seasoned veteran in the industry and General Manager of Raremed Solutions states: “RareMed Solutions, a completely independent entity, will quickly become the national leader in niche pharmacy hub services for orphan drug and precision medicine partners by adopting the successful business model created at PANTHERx Specialty which has an award-winning track record of unrivaled service, sophisticated analytics, and superior attentiveness.”

About RareMed
RareMed Solutions offers comprehensive HUB services for orphan, ultra-orphan, and precision medicine products including:
• Case Management Services
• Co-Pay, Coupon, and Financial Assistance Programs
• Reimbursement Support Services
• Nursing Support
• Healthcare Professional Education
• Patient Adherence and Education

RareMed Solutions is headquartered in a brand new and technologically advanced facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company has a breadth of experience developing and maintaining therapy specific solutions to ensure compliance. RareMed is the ideal partner for biopharmaceutical manufacturers seeking hand-in-glove solutions which bring simplicity out of chaos.