Meticulous Planning

A patient support program is a bridge between you and your patients. When building something as complex as a bridge, there’s no room for inexperience. RareMed has planned and launched programs across a wide range of therapeutic categories, patient populations, sizes, and service offerings.

Launch confidently

Capitalize on the experience of a team of clinical project management professionals, led by an executive sponsor, that have successfully launched a wide array of program sizes and types.

Engage centers of excellence, payors, and your key opinion leaders well in advance of launch to advance your strategic utilization of patient support services.

We merge thousands of tasks refined from years of launch experience with goals unique to your program to create a thorough, but tailored commercialization plan that can adapt to any contingency.

Strategically decide your launch methodology: Launch your program with a phased or full-scale deployment over the course of months, weeks, or a single day, with a roadmap designed specifically for one or all of your products.

RareMed has experience launching and managing clinical trials, working through FDA approval, and transitioning trial programs and patients to commercial products.

Collaborate to design a digital infrastructure that will provide complete clarity into your program at launch and into the future. Incorporate any desired data point, create easy-to-interpret, real-time visualizations, and trust in coordinated, reliable reporting.

Your implementation plan will include multi-phase testing of all of the moving parts of your program.  We’ll have plenty of time to remediate concerns and make adjustments as necessary.  We’ll test things like:

  • Team member hospitality
  • Workflow
  • Phone systems
  • Data management systems
  • Portals & dashboards
  • Script triage

Trained professionals ready to launch your patient programs the day your therapy gets FDA approval or when you need it. Customizable solutions whether you are in early development stages, or late stages ready for market, let us make your therapy’s access the strongest and seamless as it can be.  

Request our Launch Case Studies

Learn how RareMed has helped to launch and commercialize a variety of therapy access solutions.


Launching a partnership

Though your launch is the culmination of an implementation journey, it is only the beginning of our success together.  Our project teams stay with you to monitor your program, make continuous improvements, and drive future success for the life of our long relationship together.

Keep Climbing

Work with us to confidently manage your initial influx of referrals and scale with us to cater to your growing patient population; your systems and team are built to grow with you.

Although our implementations and launch processes are tried and true, we’ll exercise the same level of care with your launch and beyond. We’ll continue to collaborate with you to optimize every aspect of your program as it grows and faces new challenges.

We’ll work to meticulously capture every data point associated with your launch than work with you to modify your reporting and analytics needs as your program matures.

As your program grows and more data is collected, we’ll learn even more about your product and patient population.  We’ll use these insights to optimize workflows, suggest enhancements, and advance your strategy.

We’ll keep our eyes on your horizon and be ready to proactively incorporate new solutions, new indications, and new products to enhance your success and your patients’ outcomes.