Tailored Solutions

Though patient support programs are all designed to increase awareness, access, affordability, and adherence, only RareMed considers the unique needs of specialty oncology patients, providers, and partners, and can scale that service together with patient populations.


Craft statuses, workflows, procedures, and care standards to guide your patients and their caregivers on their challenging journey.

From populations of hundreds to millions, we build talented teams that provide consistent, quality care to your oncology patients.

From cold-chain shipping to variable dose infusions, no specialty oncology scenario is too complex for our team to support.

Though cancer is far too common, many unique types of cancer have few available resources, RareMed serves as a reliable source of knowledge for your patients and providers.

The world of healthcare benefits can be murky and nebulous, especially with challenging oncology protocols.  Engage experienced reimbursement and financial assistance experts to help your patients cut through the financial fog.

Data is the key to value-driving insights, especially in the world of oncology.  RareMed can deliver and analyze any data point associated with your program to optimize outcomes.


Specialty cancer therapies demand a level of focus that only a dedicated team can provide.

Our RareSupport® Teams are assembled specifically to fit the needs of our partners and their specialty oncology therapies.

All of this means better care for your patients.

Raresupport® Teams

Your team members are 100% dedicated to your therapy and the specific type of cancer it addresses.  And we can expand your team as necessary to support your strategic objectives.

Our talented team members are meticulously evaluated and hired for care experience, oncology expertise, hospitality, and fit.

Benefit from RareMed pharmacy and technology experts that understand the nuances of oncology to provide the most intuitive support in the market.

All programs benefit from continuous executive-level leadership involvement and insights led by an executive sponsor.

Conceirge Service

In the world of specialty oncology, patient support programs are the hub of a patient’s care network. RareMed caters to the unique, dynamic needs of these patients with service that’s second to none.

Only RareMed provides Concierge Patient Support Programs.

Concierge is:

Your RareSupport™ team is constantly at your disposal. Further, our executive leadership team is always on call for collaboration, insights, and decision support.

In the world of specialty oncology, patient support programs willgenerate insights that require critical thinking and quick action. Your RareSupport® team and RarePath® technologies are consistently at your side and can grow and adapt with you.

Expect the same service and dedication that you receive day one at your ten-year renewal; from your first through your millionth patient. Your team is committed to you at every step of our ongoing journey together.

Your wish is our command. We take your strategic vision and turn it into reality, and we don’t stop there. We continuously look for insights to add value to you and all of the stakeholders in your network.