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Accelerating Rare Disease Therapy

Hope overcomes fear and uncertainty.

In the early 2020s, the world’s eyes were on the pharmaceutical industry. COVID-19 was devastating the world and the only hope for getting the global pandemic under control was a vaccine for a virus that scientists were only beginning to understand. The race to develop viable treatments to protect nearly 8 billion people against the virus was, and remains, headline news in every corner of the world.  For a quarantined world, challenging months dragged on until hope for a return to normalcy is became brighter.  Still today, new variants challenge patients and healthcare providers alike with the question of what to do next.

In many ways, the world experienced what those afflicted with a rare disease face every day of their lives: fear, offset by distant, uncertain hope.  Those afflicted by rare diseases have been fighting this battle for centuries.

For someone with a rare disease, the path to treatment is often a frightening, lonely journey lived in the shadows of everyday life.  Because so few people suffer from each of over 7,000 known rare diseases, accurate diagnoses can take years to manifest. It can take even longer to receive therapy.  Rare diseases affect less than 200,000 patients; ultra-rare diseases afflict fewer than 2,000.  So many obstacles can delay therapy in today’s complicated marketplace that patients and their loved ones often feel hopeless. Starkly, 93% of rare diseases have no known treatment.

RareMed works hand in hand with manufacturers to remove roadblocks to get those life-saving, breakthrough medications to people as quickly as possible.  RareMed strives to be patients’ advocate, helping them navigate a complex insurance system, uncertain costs, and complicated therapies. By accelerating times to therapy, RareMed drives better health care outcomes.

RareMed works tirelessly to change this bleak outlook and offer hope to those who have experienced so much pain and uncertainty in their lives.  RareMed accelerates care to rare disease patients.