Meticulous Planning

Patients rely on their hubs for care, coordination, and education.  When modifying and transitioning something so vital, there’s no room for inexperience. RareMed has planned and transitioned programs across a wide range of disease states, sizes, and service offerings.

Transition with confidence

Capitalize on the experience of a team of clinical project management professionals, led by an executive sponsor, that have successfully transitioned a wide array of program sizes and types across a myriad of different circumstances.

Engage centers of excellence, payors, providers, key opinion leaders, and patients well in advance of transition to ensure there are no surprises with any of your stakeholders as you plan improvements.

We merge thousands of tasks refined from years of transition experience with your program’s unique parameters and your vision to create thorough but tailored transition plans that can adapt to any contingency.

Strategically decide your transition methodology: Shift your program with a phased or full-scale deployment over the course of months, weeks, or a single day, with a roadmap designed specifically for one or all of your products.

Take confidence in knowing that RareMed has worked closely with many incumbent hubs—of varying degrees of sophistication—in managing highly complex transitions.

Collaborate to design a digital infrastructure that will provide complete clarity into your program at transition and into the future. We’ll know your data inside and out before it ever goes live in a RareMed platform and suggest methods to improve data quality along the way. Incorporate any desired data point, create easy-to-interpret, real-time visualizations, and trust in coordinated, reliable reporting.

Your implementation plan will include multi-phase testing of all of the moving parts of your program.  In between, we’ll have plenty of time to remediate concerns and make adjustments as necessary.

Regardless of size, create seamless technological integration whether you choose to use our proprietary RarePath system or work with us to revolutionize your existing platforms.

Our deep experience with staffing and scaling teams nationwide can help grow your team to achieve success. We have the ability to hire in phases, on-boarding teams of various sizes for your needs, in various geographic locations.

Request our Transition Case Studies

Learn how RareMed has helped transition and improve patient support programs in a variety of circumstances.


Don't Just Switch, Relaunch

Each time we transition a program to RareMed, we analyze it with great scrutiny. As a result, we’re able to identify and incorporate learnings immediately to make your program transition a step-function change better than before.

Improve as you move

Capitalize on our relevant experience and deep knowledge of incumbent hub processes to alleviate your major concerns while transitioning.

Use a transition as an opportunistic inflection point to ensure that all stakeholders are calibrated to the strategic goals of your hub, both in the short term and for years to come.

Upgrade the talent of your program by employing highly skilled, well-trained RareMed team members. Use your transition to ensure that our processes deliver the results you expect and deserve.

Improve the quality of your data as it shifts, and use the transition as an opportunity to increase data transparency, capture additional information, and generate custom reports.

Course-correct underperforming KPIs and revitalize stakeholder satisfaction as you reset your hub’s benchmark with a transition.