Industry Leaders

PIONEERING FOUNDERS of the first-ever specialty pharmacy.

REKNOWNED ENTREPRENEURS including CEO Dr. Gordon Vanscoy, EY’s 2021 US Entrepreneur of the Year, that defined the field of rare pharmacy.

THOUGHT LEADERS including sitting professors and authors of scores of published articles.

Cutting-Edge Technologists

ARCHITECTS of the first-ever dedicated hub workflow management system.

DEVELOPERS with experience in a myriad of platforms, languages, and systems.

DESIGNERS with a strong reputation for crafting intuitive user experiences for applications built for Fortune 500 companies.

Specialty Pharmacy

EXPERTS in the fields of case management, reimbursement support, and specialty pharmacy networks.

SPECIALISTS that have navigated dozens of new product launches and hub transitions.

CLINICIANS with relevant complex disease state experience

We deliver a rare level of talent, in every dimension.


We source the industry’s most talented team members with backgrounds relevant for your specific needs. Over ninety percent of our team members have college degrees or advanced certifications.

We also seek out specific disease state experience to build the most capable RareSupport® team for your patient journey.


All RareMed team members undergo hospitality training to ensure that every interaction with patients is reassuring.

And it works. In MMIT patient satisfaction surveys, we consistently top every other independent, PBM-owned, and payer-owned specialty pharmacy in Net Promoter Scores.


Our strategic location in one of the nation’s densest concentrations of specialty pharmacy and healthcare institutions allows us to identify, attract, and hire quality team members quickly.

Our employee retention is also top-notch. RareMed is a perennial winner of a variety of top workplace awards based on anonymous employee feedback.