Just as you take great care in selecting the best hub to support your patients, RareMed takes care to ensure that our partnerships will fit well with our approach. This means that we only seek out business opportunities that align with our concierge model.


One of our core values at RareMed is Mutual Growth.  We work hard to ensure our partners view us as an extension of their team, rather than as a vendor.  Our partnerships are based on aligned purpose, goals, strategy, and expectations.  Because we’re only successful when we drive success for you.


Working together to share insights, ideas, and knowledge results in the best possible outcomes.  Though we deliver the industry’s best solutions, we’re humble in knowing that our results stem from teamwork, transparency, and collaboration.


We take our partners seriously; so much so that every RareMed program is assigned an executive sponsor for the life of our long-term relationship.  We also continuously assess your satisfaction across a myriad of metrics to ensure that our team is constantly delivering the best experience for you and your patients.

“You are such a caring and thoughtful organization. You regularly go above and beyond for us and our patients. I’m grateful to have you as part of our care team."