When it comes to complex, there's no comparison.


Your hub?

100% Custom-Tailored Programs

RareMed was built to deliver elevated service and boundless customization at any volume.  Every program at RareMed is built from the ground-up to support the nuances of a specific patient journey, making RareMed perfect to support complex conditions.

Volume-Driven Cookie Cutter Approach

Typical hubs seek out the largest, simplest patient support programs.  Though this approach may be right for some high-volume medications, the world of complex and orphan conditions demands a level of service that incumbents cannot provide.

Proprietary Technology

RareMed’s proprietary RarePath® system was built from the ground up to support complex conditions.  RareMed owns 100% of RarePath® code and delivers an unmatched level of innovation, customizability, and nimbleness, generating the best experience for partners and patients.

Cumbersome, Inflexible Technologies

Other hubs utilize third-party software systems as the basis of their technology offerings. Their platforms and portals are inflexible and cannot be perfectly crafted to fit the singular needs of complex and orphan conditions

Peerless Transparency

RareMed blurs the line between an insourced and outsourced hub. We encourage our partners to dive deep into workflows, structure, training programs, technology, staffing, and a myriad of other program dimensions that are typically off the table. You define your strategy, RareMed enhances it, and your patients benefit.

Smoke & Mirrors

Transparency in pharmacy hub services is elusive. No other hub allows you to lift the hood to see or effect change on the inner-workings of your program. This lack of transparency leads to overpromising, underdelivering, and frustration. Reasonable goals become unattainable.

Award-Winning Service

At RareMed, our proof is in the numbers: Our patients and partners consistently give RareMed industry-leading Net Promoter Scores.

Empty Promises

No other hub can back up their claims to success like RareMed.