RareMed Recognized in Pittsburgh Technology Council Tech 50 Awards as Innovator of the Year

RareMed is humbled and honored to be named the top Innovator of the Year in MedTech/Health IT by the Pittsburgh Technology Council! On Thursday, November 16th, the RareMed Tech team attended the Pittsburgh Technology Council Tech 50 awards at The Westin. Over 600 attendees in the tech space came together to celebrate the impact and accomplishments they’ve had over the past year; RareMed joined for the first time this year, and was proud to take home the coveted award! The awards span a variety of focuses, such as Integrative Tech, Cybersecurity, Robotics, and MedTech/Health IT.  

“This award represents the culmination of the tireless efforts of the dozens of technology team members at RareMed that stop at nothing to bring paradigm-shifting technologies to market,” said RareMed Vice President of Technology Bill Valenta,  “We are proud of the services we provide to patients, and today, we highlight every member of our technology team that individually and collaboratively contribute to building tools that advance this level of care.” 

This is the first year RareMed was nominated for the awards, and we are thrilled to have been recognized for the patient-focused technological innovations of our fully customizable, in-house technology suite, RarePath®. RarePath® is the world’s first software system designed from the ground up to help care networks manage the intricate patient journeys of rare and complex disease patients. The platform is designed to allow biopharmaceutical manufacturers to build and manage personalized care journeys for patients and their care providers based on a myriad of different inputs. The cloud-based system facilitates real-time access to information sourced broadly across patients’ care networks and predictively suggests next steps to keep patient care journeys moving. In the world of rare and complex disease, every moment matters, and RarePath® helps our team accelerate patient access to their much-needed therapies.   

Through our work with RarePath® and other innovations, our technology team, led by Vice President of Technology Bill Valenta, has revolutionized the market by pioneering the nation’s first and only purely rare and complex-disease-focused services provider in the industry. By creating systems that focus only on the most challenging patient circumstances, RareMed has been able to revolutionize the delivery of care to these underserved patient populations, while providing a level of service beyond anything else available in the industry.  

RareMed works every day to change the lives of tens of thousands of patients that face long, grueling, lonesome journeys towards cures and therapies. Before finding RareMed, such patients often go through years of trials and tribulations to obtain treatment, or in many cases, even receive an accurate diagnosis. By using unique experience and tools to help patients navigate the complex healthcare system, RareMed accelerates access to life-altering therapies for those afflicted with rare and complex diseases and changes the lives of these populations, one patient at a time. RareMed’s RareMed Direct Pharmacy is licensed to operate in all 50 states, meaning that even though we are headquartered in Pittsburgh, nothing stops us from reaching patients in need anywhere in the country, and we are relentless in our pursuit to do so.