RareMed’s Comprehensive Response to COVID-19: Unwavering Support for Our Patients & Partners

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, RareMed has been taking, and will continue to take, all measures to ensure that our patients and our partners will continue to receive the highest level of support while protecting our associates. RareMed has already moved our entire workforce to a remote solution with the exception of a few individuals in the non-commercial pharmacy, a life-saving part of our business that cannot be performed remotely. Significant safety measures have been put in place for the few remaining individuals onsite.

RareMed’s response measures include:
• Implementing our comprehensive response protocol designed to rapidly react to external events. We are prepared to continue operations through even severe disruptions.
• In order to limit our in-office footprint, a transition of colleagues has occurred with >95% of associates working from home as of Wednesday March 25th. While this transition occurred, we have and continue to monitor performance. Initial results indicate increases in productivity across the board since the remote solution has been implemented.
• RareMed will still maintain a small group of colleagues on-site in order to perform activities specific to the fulfillment of prescriptions. We have restricted all other individuals to our site and further have restricted access to our noncommercial pharmacy
• RareMed has closed all common areas in the building including the kitchen and breakroom.
• RareMed leadership is in continuous dialogue with the non-negotiable goals of full transparency in service to our patients, the highest level of protection and support for our associates, and agility and proactivity in adapting and responding to this dynamic environment.

RareMed is guided by the values of genuine integrity, disruptive innovation, uncompromising quality, mutual growth, respectful culture, supportive ambition and positivity. More than ever, RareMed is confident that our team and those values will allow us to successfully overcome any challenges ahead.