The RareFellowship – RareMed’s Comprehensive Learning Opportunity

At RareMed, we focus on providing the best experience to our patients and partners, but that requires investing in the industry’s best talent. That is why we created our RareFellowship Program: a comprehensive, immersive experience for up and coming pharmacists to learn and contribute to our mission while reflecting on our values and what they mean to providing award-winning patient care.  

The RareFellowship Program is a unique, one-year experience designed to give fellows the tools and opportunities to learn and understand the vital role of RareMed patient support programs and gain firsthand experience working with complex patient and healthcare provider journeys. Fellows engage in face-to-face interactions with patients, prescribers, and partners to optimize the unique and intricate care associated with patients with complex conditions. Upon completing this program, fellows will also have contributed to initiatives to enhance programs, generate insights, and improve processes and workflows, all of which improve patient care. 

“The opportunity provided by RareMed’s fellowship is truly a unique one. RareMed is in a dynamic healthcare space requiring fellows to develop diverse skills. The experiences are supported by a leadership core devoted to developing successful young professionals. Fellows participating in this program will leave equipped with a background that will drive their development as a leader challenging the status quo in healthcare.” 

Luke Gross, 22-23 Fellow 

The RareMed Fellowship Program offers unique opportunities to fellows, allowing them to not only learn useful pharmacy skills, but also provides the opportunity for participants to experience many other departments that contribute to overall company success, including Pharmacy Services, Business Operations, Client Services, Implementation, Business Development, Technology, and Analytics. RareMed Pharmacy Fellows will also gain experience working with leadership executives and various department leads to become well acquainted with the business functions necessary to support pharmacy-based enterprises. 

“The RareMed fellowship has opened my eyes to even more opportunities that a pharmacist can take on after graduation. The mentorship and experiences at RareMed have helped me develop skills that will allow me to excel in the healthcare industry but will also allow me to pivot my focus to technology or business if I decide to step away from healthcare.” 

Sam Aronson, 22-23 Fellow 

While the basis of the program is to provide educational learning experiences for growing pharmacists, RareMed aims to maximize the time fellows spend with the company, to not only contribute to a successful future as a pharmacist, but a successful business professional as well. 

RareMed is excitedly recruiting for the next class of fellows and is accepting applications until March 1st 

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