Vanscoy Recognized for Building Smart Business(es)

Dr. Gordon Vanscoy, Chairman and CEO of PANTHERx Rare Pharmacy and RareMed Solutions, is honored to be headlining the April 2020 cover of Smart Business Magazine. The magazine features an interview that explores his approach to leadership, adaptability, and culture. Vanscoy discusses how these three qualities were vital to evolving the rare segment of the specialty pharmacy industry. The publication is timely as these qualities are essential to the proactive, nimble, and focused approach PANTHERx and RareMed have taken in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Both highly complex operations, PANTHERx and RareMed provide different services to people who are living with rare and devastating conditions. The companies’ cultures, built around clear missions and strong values, have been paramount in enabling Vanscoy and his team to adeptly pilot the companies through change. These cultures did not come about by accident, and they continue to need to be carefully nurtured and institutionalized. Vanscoy and his team encourage associates to embody values that support the fact that, no matter their role, their work ultimately contributes to saving lives.

As the coronavirus pandemic has escalated, it has been culture that has underscored the teams’ sense of responsibility to the patients they serve. This has resulted in uninterrupted dispensing of breakthrough medications, employees proactively taking on flexible schedules, and team members asking leadership what they can do to go beyond the call of duty to support the patients who rely on their services.

Vanscoy’s leadership, his embracing of managerial empowerment, and his passion for rare disease have resulted in two independent, disruptive, agile, savvy, and compassionate companies with strong corporate cultures. The article describes how his philosophies and guidance have created organizations poised to take on anything that comes their way, including lofty internal goals and external challenges.

Read the Vanscoy’s cover story in Smart Business Magazine.

Look out for the print edition, available on April 1st.