Celebrating Rare Disease Day & Appreciating Our Team

The end of this week was a celebratory one for RareMed Solutions:

On Thursday February 28th, RareMed celebrated Rare Disease Day. We showed that RareMed cares about rare diseases by sporting new RareMed t-shirts and sharing Rare Disease day stickers, ribbons, and bracelets with our staff. We also created Rare Disease Day posters in our office and encouraged our staff to add their stories to the narrative by placing handprint on the posters with their personal messages and stories. Rare Disease Day was a great opportunity for us to celebrate the accomplishments of our company and the reflect on the ways we help our patients, while reigniting our passion and steadfast commitment to the rare disease patients we serve and the developing science that changes their lives.

Friday March 1st, presented RareMed with another opportunity—Employee Appreciation Day. Today we had the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the people who drive our business forward and keep our mission alive.  As RareMed has grown, we’ve taken pride in adding new and amazing people to our team. We sincerely appreciate each of our employees and all the hard work they do to improve our company and the lives of our patients.