RareMed CEO Featured in Smart Business Magazine Discussing Entrepreneur of the Year Program

RareMed CEO Dr. Gordon Vanscoy was featured in Smart Business Magazine speaking about the lessons he learned competing as the United States’ sole representative in Ernst and Young’s (EY) World Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

Vanscoy proudly represented RareMed, touting the company’s unique mission of promoting access to breakthrough medications that treat rare diseases.  Vanscoy and RareMed were selected from thousands of US entrepreneurs and companies through a nearly year-long scrutinization and multi-tiered competition to represent the US at the Entrepreneur of the Year’s World Competition.

Vanscoy stressed the importance of teams when discussing the concluding lessons, stating, “The process reinforced that success is not about one person’s accomplishments but those of many working in unison toward a common goal. The formidable entrepreneur competitors, supported by inspired teams, create hope for humankind.”