RareMed Invests in Culture with New Recognition Program

This week, RareMed launched a new recognition program called RARE, or Recognizing And Rewarding Excellence.  This program is designed to give team members a public forum to express THANKS to each other for going above and beyond their daily responsibilities to help a patient, a partner, or each other.  The platform, which is visible on the RareMed intranet site, as well as on monitors in the RareMed facility, asks team members to highlight specific RareMed values that those they are recognizing demonstrate.  Managers are able to award team members RareCoin, which can be used to purchase gift cards, donate to the Rare Disease Day Foundation, or use for RareMed brand store items.

RareMart, the RareMed brand store, was launched concurrently, providing team members with dozens of RareMed-branded items available for purchase.  RareMart gives team members flexibility to purchase items in different colors and sizes on a one-off basis so that everyone can acquire unique items that suit individual tastes.

RareMed views culture to be one of the company‚Äôs primary strengths and drivers of patient and partner satisfaction.  RareMed was voted one of the top workplaces to work in the region in an independent survey conducted by Energage.  At RareMed, THANKS MATTERS.