RareMed Solutions Earns Tech 50 Award from Pittsburgh Technology Council; CEO Dr. Gordon Vanscoy Finalist for CEO of the Year

Last week, the Pittsburgh Technology Council released their list of the region’s top ranking tech innovators, and RareMed Solutions is proud to have made the list. We are also pleased to announce that CEO and Chairman, Dr. Gordon Vanscoy, has also been listed as a finalist for the council’s CEO Of the Year award. RareMed leadership and technology team will be attending the PTC Tech 50 Awards on November 16th at the Westin in Pittsburgh, PA.  

This is the first year RareMed and CEO Dr. Vanscoy have been nominated for the awards, and we are thrilled to have been recognized for the patient-focused technological innovations of our fully customizable, in-house technology suite, RarePath®. RarePath® is the world’s first software system designed from the ground up to help care networks manage the intricate patient journeys of rare and complex disease patients. The platform is designed to allow biopharmaceutical manufacturers to build and manage personalized care journeys for patients and their care providers based on a myriad of different inputs. The cloud-based system facilitates real-time access to information sourced broadly across patients’ care networks and predictively suggests next steps to keep patient care journeys moving. In the world of rare and complex disease, every moment matters, and RarePath® helps our team accelerate patient access to their much-needed therapies. 

Through our work with RarePath® and other innovations, our technology team, led by Vice President of Technology Bill Valenta, has revolutionized the market by pioneering the nation’s first and only purely rare and complex-disease-focused services provider in the industry. By creating systems that focus only on the most challenging patient circumstances, RareMed has been able to revolutionize the delivery of care to these underserved patient populations, while providing a level of service beyond anything else available in the industry.  

RareMed works every day to change the lives of tens of thousands of patients that face long, grueling, lonesome journeys towards cures and therapies. Before finding RareMed, such patients often go through years of trials and tribulations to obtain treatment, or in many cases, even receive an accurate diagnosis. By using unique experience and tools to help patients navigate the complex healthcare system, RareMed accelerates access to life-altering therapies for those afflicted with rare and complex diseases and changes the lives of these populations, one patient at a time. RareMed’s RareMed Direct Pharmacy is licensed to operate in all 50 states, meaning that even though we are headquartered in Pittsburgh, nothing stops us from reaching patients in need anywhere in the country, and we are relentless in our pursuit to do so.   


In conjunction with the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech 50 award, the PTC also announces an annual CEO of the Year award. We are thrilled that RareMed CEO, Dr. Gordon Vanscoy, has been recognized as a finalist for 2023. 

Dr. Vanscoy has been an innovator his entire career and has been a pioneer in improving the quality of patient care in the world of Specialty Pharmacy. From supporting the founding of the nation’s first Specialty Pharmacy to the founding of the nation’s first Rare Disease Pharmacy, Dr. Vanscoy has been an entrepreneurial maverick his entire career. 

Founded out of a client-driven need in the industry, Vanscoy’s RareMed was, and remains, the nation’s only concierge patient services provider focused on complex and rare conditions, a true innovation in the marketplace. RareMed holds its unique position by remaining nimble and in-tune with the goals and needs of our partners. With our concierge approach to partnerships and bespoke solutions tailored to match ever-changing needs, we remain at the forefront of our field while staying true to the values that are the foundation of the company. RareMed’s in-house, custom-built technology suite, which is a one of a kind, built-from-scratch solution, allows RareMed to custom build patient journeys that are tailored to the unique emotional, psychosocial, financial, and medical needs of each patient population, and typifies this commitment to customization. Furthermore, the nature of the software and patient care programs allow RareMed to deliver individualized care based on predictive patient journey modeling and workflows. 

Dr. Vanscoy is a mainstay and economic driver of the Pittsburgh Community. He has three decades of experience creating and developing successful life sciences companies within the region and served under a number of professorial and dean roles at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Vanscoy is responsible for launching the University of Pittsburgh’s Master of Science in Pharmacy Business Administration degree program and remains well-connected with the school and students. Dr. Vanscoy is the name sponsor of the University of Pittsburgh’s Vanscoy Winter Academy, an event where alumni and friends of the University learn about and celebrate the life-changing breakthroughs in research, clinical care, innovation, and interdisciplinary health care research taking place at the University of Pittsburgh.  


About RareMed Solutions  

RareMed Solutions is the nation’s only concierge patient services provider, focused on complex and rare conditions. RareMed partners with world-renowned life sciences innovators to transform the lives of patients afflicted with rare and devastating conditions by accelerating access to biomedical breakthroughs. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, RareMed offers case management, co-pay, coupon and financial assistance programs, reimbursement support, nursing support, healthcare professional education, patient adherence & education, and non-commercial pharmacy dispensing services to all 50 states, as well as associated support technologies.  

The company has a breadth of experience developing, transitioning, and maintaining therapy-specific solutions that ensure unparalleled manufacturer & patient satisfaction. RareMed’s undivided complex condition focus, high caliber associates, fully dedicated teams, and sophisticated proprietary technology enable it to address the unique needs of rare disease patients. RareMed has earned top honors in MMIT’s quarterly patient satisfaction surveys and was recently voted as the #1 large company to work for in the region by Pittsburgh Business Times.