Values and Culture Committee

To help preserve our Rare culture, RareMed is excited to announce the formation of the RareMed Values and Culture Committee. Creating a positive, engaging, thriving culture takes work and we are determined to dedicate the time and effort to ensure our culture grows with the company. This committee will meet regularly to develop and incorporate new ways to embrace our culture and strengthen our committee to our values.

We are excited to welcome the first seven members to the committee:

  • Courtney Zofcin
  • Lori Tinlin
  • John Coll
  • Jacqueline Creighton
  • William Chammas
  • Rachael Schiavon
  • Meghan Malloy

We were thrilled to have such an overwhelming desire from employees to join the committee. Committee members will rotate in and out to ensure that all RareMed team members get the opportunity to positively impact the RareMed culture.