White Paper “Meeting the Sophisticated Needs of Rare Disease Non-Commercial Pharmacy Management” Published

In their white paper, Meeting the Sophisticated Needs of Rare Disease Non-Commercial Pharmacy Management, RareMed Solutions explores the details of how non-commercial pharmacies play an enormous role in providing the proper therapies and programs to rare disease patients, while lessening the financial burdens of patients and their families.

In 2016 the average annual cost for an orphan drug was $140,443. The financial burdens that patients with rare disorders encounter are unimaginable. 97% of orphan drugs require prior authorization and 25% of payers may require an increase in cost sharing with patients. While recognizing the importance of access to life-altering therapies and understanding the financial barriers that may be encountered along the way, manufacturers have released programs as a means to ensure timely dispensing and medication accessibility to all patients while bypassing financial burdens. Having the experience within rare diseases, RareMed Solutions launched a non-commercial specialty pharmacy, licensed in all 50 states, focused specifically on rare disease patient population. RareMed recognizes the need for customized clinical solutions, white glove treatment, and sophisticated technology for our patient populations.

1. Overcoming Financial Burdens- For the patients who face financial burdens, manufacturers have launched free good programs to ensure the accessibility of medication to patients. Having a strong relationship with our manufacturers to facilitate dispensing, helps minimize therapy gaps for the patients who are uninsured, under-insured or waiting to be approved.

2. The Role of Non-Commercial Pharmacies- The need for Non-Commercial Pharmacies is essential because we are the liaison between the manufacturers and the patients who coordinate the dispensing at no cost. Without Non-Commercial Pharmacies, patients wouldn’t be able to bypass any of the insurance issues that are normally encountered in a commercial exchange. We have the honor of assisting our patients in life changing ways that allow for medication adherence and unmatched patient care.

3. A New Non-Commercial Pharmacy with a Rare Focus- RareMed’s experience working with and supporting the rare disease community led to the launch of our non-commercial specialty pharmacy. The pharmacy currently dispenses to all 50 states and dispenses products to patient assistance, bridge, free trial, and dose exchange programs.

Read RareMed’s white paper: Meeting the Sophisticated Needs of Rare Disease Non-Commercial Pharmacy Management.

About RareMed
RareMed Solutions is a national patient service provider headquartered in a brand new, technologically advanced facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. RareMed’s PSP services include case management, co-pay, coupon, and financial assistance programs, reimbursement support, nursing support, healthcare professional education, patient adherence & education, and non-commercial pharmacy dispensing. The company has a breadth of experience developing and maintaining therapy-specific solutions that ensure unparalleled manufacturer & patient satisfaction. The company’s undivided rare disease focus, high caliber associates, fully dedicated teams, and sophisticated proprietary technology enable it to meet the unique needs of its rare disease manufacturer partners.