Dr. Douglas Gebhard Recognized as Trailblazing Innovator in Pittsburgh Inno Fire Awards

The secret’s out – RareMed President Dr. Doug Gebhard has been recognized as a Trailblazing Innovator in the Pittsburgh Inno Fire Awards by the Pittsburgh Business Times. The Fire Awards are Inno’s premier recognition program, honoring individuals who are leading the way in innovation in Pittsburgh.  

Over the past five years, RareMed has grown from a two-person operation to a team of over two hundred and has had a major impact in catalyzing access to therapies for patients with rare and complex conditions. At the helm of this initiative is Dr. Douglas Gebhard, President of RareMed. Dr. Gebhard has been a steady, driving force in RareMed’s disruption of the pharmacy access industry. Under Doug’s leadership, RareMed defined an entire segment of the industry—rare and complex patient access support – has built a reputation as an industry innovator, employing both high-skill and high-technology approaches to accelerate patient access, and has catalyzed access to many breakthrough therapies.   

In an industry full of cumbersome, inflexible, antiquated technologies, RareMed, under Dr. Gebhard’s leadership, has become an industry maverick. Dr. Gebhard led RareMed’s initiative to create a fully customizable patient management platform that was built entirely in-house by RareMed developers. The result, a patient care ecosystem known as RarePath®, aids in accelerating access to patient care by connecting a patient’s entire care network and using predictive patient journeys, cutting-edge analytics, and real-time data access to optimize care delivery. RarePath cemented the company as an innovative force in a static field, and has served as the foundation for a variety of patient-centric initiatives. 

But technology represents only a piece of Gebhard’s work as a trailblazing innovator. Gebhard’s leadership also resulted in the up-ending and redesign of the patient access service model for rare and complex disease patients. Whereas historically, it was challenging for patients with rare and complex diseases to find educated, dedicated support, RareMed built a business model that provides timely, effective support to this historically underserved population, and helps these patients cut through the bureaucracy and financial ambiguousness of the healthcare system. 

Along the way, Dr. Gebhard has worked to create a virtuous cycle of positive energy that has resulted in award-winning patient care and team satisfaction. By putting the quality of life of his team first, Gebhard led RareMed to be voted as the #1 extra-large company to work for in the region by Pittsburgh Business Times, as well as a perennial winner of the Top Places to Work award from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. As happy employees tend to provide higher quality care, this team focus has paid dividends for patients: RareMed has been awarded multiple first-place awards in MMIT’s nationwide quarterly patient satisfaction surveys.  

RareMed is proud of its leader, Dr. Douglas Gebhard. He has led the company to prestigious accolades from Pittsburgh Business Times’ Fast 50 awards, where the company was the fastest-growing healthcare and technology company in the city. Dr. Gebhard himself has also earned a handful of personal awards for his work with RareMed and RarePath, including the Smart 50 Award from Smart Business Magazine. 

The news of this award came to RareMed earlier this summer as we were celebrating the grand opening of our new facility and RareMed leaders were able to surprise Dr. Gebhard with the announcement during the ribbon cutting ceremony. With the official announcement now public, we are proud to share the news widely. Thank you to everyone who contributes to RareMed’s mission and supports us in our journey to continue to accelerate access to life-alerting therapies to the patients who need it most. 

About RareMed Solutions 

RareMed Solutions is the nation’s only concierge patient services provider, focused on complex and rare conditions. RareMed partners with world-renowned life sciences innovators to transform the lives of patients afflicted with rare and devastating conditions by accelerating access to biomedical breakthroughs. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, RareMed offers case management, co-pay, coupon and financial assistance programs, reimbursement support, nursing support, healthcare professional education, patient adherence & education, and non-commercial pharmacy dispensing services to all 50 states, as well as associated support technologies. 

The company has a breadth of experience developing, transitioning, and maintaining therapy-specific solutions that ensure unparalleled manufacturer & patient satisfaction. RareMed’s undivided complex condition focus, high caliber associates, fully dedicated teams, and sophisticated proprietary technology enable it to address the unique needs of rare disease patients. RareMed has earned top honors in MMIT’s quarterly patient satisfaction surveys and was recently voted as the #1 large company to work for in the region by Pittsburgh Business Times.